Why is it worth using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

We’ve already mentioned that process automation became an essential part of businesses to maintain or increase competitiveness on the market. Robots are widely implemented in different kind of industries - such as Automotive, Finance, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and so much more - to free people from repetitive, monotonous tasks to increase efficiency, while reducing human made errors.

Still, some people argue over the benefits whether robotic automation solutions worth the investments. If you are unsure about adopting robotic process automation in your daily business management, take a look at those advantages we’ve collected for you.

Operations become simple and flexible

In a fully automated environment, robots connect systems and applications to enable smooth, simple and flexible operations. There are no time restrictions to use the automated tool, it operates 24/7. Automated workflows with RPA are pre-coded, it means that not even a push of the button is needed to operate the tool, nothing is easier. Failures in the system can be detected under seconds, the automation algorithm learns how to avoid the failure to provide fast and consistent task execution.


Nothing saves you money, like RPA
One of the biggest advantages of using process automation is that RPA promotes rapid and significant return on upfront investments. Robotic solutions provide 24/7 work: when the task is completed faster, business owners receive greater number of outputs in shorter time. Automation also lowers labour expenses by enabling employees to focus on higher-value work rather than completing repetitive tasks.

What processes can be automated by RPA?
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Quality improvements, higher accuracy, and consistency
Greater efficiency rate is achieved by eliminating the risk of error. Failures are traditionally made by repetitive tasks performed by humans because of boredom, deconcentration, distraction and unchallenging operational tasks. Even the most careful employee will make mistake that might have a bad impact on his/her further work. RPA ensures error-free performance with higher satisfaction and ROI rates. So why we wouldn’t want to reduce errors to zero if possible?

Boosting productivity
As mentioned earlier, robotic processes don’t require human interactions or any special human skills. The ability of performing certain tasks without the help from professionals, empowers other employees to get their job done in other challenging, more important tasks efficiently and effectively. Instead of forcing our labour to complete copy and paste tasks, we encourage them to have deeper knowledge in human interaction needed processes, be responsible for something more significant. Robots are not made to break down employee self-confidence but increase it with the sense of responsibility. Motivate your bored and frustrated colleagues into highly competitive employees.

Supports change management in the organization

Change in many cases is a formidable phrase but no doubt it’s needed. Implementing robotic assistance in the workflow persuades the organization to adopt new innovations, technologies, methods, in one word: change. If you would ask your competition that “do I really need RPA in my business?”, they would probably answer with a “No”. No, you don’t need it, otherwise you will have the competitive advantage on the market and not us. Only those companies can develop in a short time, who are willing to take the risk in implementing new methodologies and solutions.

Better control, decision making processes

Be honest, we are all control freaks to a certain extent. We wish to manage tasks at the best way possible to ensure company profitability and customer satisfaction. Many organizations outsource tasks that can be done by robotic automations. Outsourcing may end in lower output quality and not transparent operation. RPA helps companies to keep repetitive tasks in-house and perceive a greater level of decision making and the highest level of control and visibility.

Which functions are recommended for Business
Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation?

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Improved statistic data
Learn from previous mistakes and make better decisions based on data provided by RPA. Grape Solutions provides enhanced platform for data management and data processing to track, analyse and report Big Data. The information read from dashboard helps companies to improve operations, correct issues and develop best practices. We’re proud members of UiPath partner community to bring you the smoothest automated customer journey for you. View to full list of applied technologies here.

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