IoT devices

What is an IoT platform, and how to choose the proper one?

Billions of IoT devices are actively used globally, and it is set to reach 30 billion by the end of 2030.According to a recent report, the global IoT market size is set to grow $272.4 billion by 2026, due to the rapid cellular network developments. In 2020, the highest number of IoT devices is...

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What does IoT have for retail businesses?

The global Internet of Things retail market size is set to be worth $94 billion by 2025 as more and more retail businesses improve their customer experience with smart devices. With connected devices, businesses have access to more detailed information about their customers, enabling themselves to...

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5G opens new opportunities to IoT app developers – 5G impacts on IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is developing rapidly and 5G supports this ambition even more. The progress of cellular and Wi-fi networks were limiting factors in IoT until 4G and now, 5G networks set to solve these problems. According to recent research, the global 5G IoT market size is set to grow...

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