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What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Reporting?

We often mean the same for reporting and business intelligence as they help businesses analyze their performance based on Big Data, but they belong to distinct usages. The risk of not identifying the differences may result in using the wrong tools for the given task.

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5 reasons to choose a white-label electric vehicle charging solution

Most ideas start with common sense: we would like to solve a given problem of our future customers; accordingly, we would like to provide a solution as soon as possible. In most cases, we wish to create a product sooner than the development phase would be optimal, resulting in quality decreases. It...

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Effective omnichannel marketing campaign management

Omnichannel sales integrate distribution, promotion, and communication channels into one single platform. It provides a seamless shopping experience for the customers, no matter where, when or how they shop should it be on desktop, mobile or in-store.

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AI & Machine Learning used in marketing automation

Some refer to AI simply as machine intelligence because in a conceptual sense it combines human intelligence with machines in order to enable them to perform tasks based on problem-solving rules and algorithms. Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that can range from rudimentary algorithms to...

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Grape Solutions - Mbila application development

Platform-independent & Native mobile application development

No matter the development methodology of our customers choose, we are proud to be confident in most development environment, be it a Native, Hybrid or Cross-Platform solution, we provide solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

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Latest trends in custom software development

With the rapid development of cloud computing, the time has come when enterprise software development processes will face and effectively go through a massive transformation.

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