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Why is it more beneficial living in a smart city?

The concept of smart cities began in the 1960s when the US Community Analysis Bureau started collecting data of US cities to make preparations for disasters, make daily lives easier and to reduce increasing poverty. The aim didn’t change in 2021, smart cities use information and communication...

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Benefits of using electric mobility innovations

Every year thousands of cities and millions of European citizens celebrate mobility during the European Mobility Week to raise awareness for environmentally sustainable solutions. A wide range of e-mobility technologies were implemented in the last few years, anywhere you go, you probably meet...

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Did COVID-19 slow down or speed up Mobility developments?

When coronavirus appeared in 2020, many industries experienced a rapid drop down in productivity across the globe. Factories had to stop their production for a short period of time and the uncertain environment has created new challenges for different industries. The decrease in traffic forced...

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