Benefits of IoT platform for smart buildings and offices

Sustainability positively affected the commercial real estate sector by enabling IoT developments for facility owners. Intelligent buildings leverage connected technology, IoT devices, automation, and advanced analytics to mitigate various energy waste. IoT ecosystem in buildings provides greater convenience for facility managers, the comfort and the safety for building occupants with higher energy and operating return on investments.


Building owners and managers always look for new ways to reduce facility maintenance costs and improve efficiency. By leveraging data from connected devices, owners can streamline and automate building control to reduce operating costs and minimize the impact on the environment.

We call a building intelligent when it uses automated processes to automatically control operations, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems. It helps facility managers and building owners improve asset reliability and minimize the facility's environmental impact.




IoT features in smart buildings: 

  1. Internal climate management
  2. IoT-equipped doors
  3. Smart conference halls
  4. Office transportation
  5. Smart workplace
  6. Intelligent meeting room booking, occupation
  7. Security monitoring
  8. Office asset management



As you could read in our smart home blog post, Grape IoT connects intelligent sensors, such as wired security detectors, cameras, thermostats, smart plugs, lights, entertainment systems, locks, and other smart home appliances. Besides the platform, an application is also available for end-users to manage their connected devices from mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

iot platform smart offices smart buildings




Benefits of IoT platform for smart buildings: 

  1. Security and surveillance
  2. Facility management
  3. Home automation



Security and Surveillance:

Helps facility owners to limit the loss of significant assets with real-time monitoring through protected and secure remote surveillance. Live video and remote security innovations help facility managers to keep their people, assets and buildings safer, with greater visibility anywhere in the world.


Facility Management:

Connected IoT devices deliver 24/7 monitoring and real-time data analytics that helps facility managers need to make better decisions based on data. Predictive maintenance allows operators to maximize the facility's performance for greater efficiency and better return on investments while providing tenants safer and more comfortable service.


Home Automation:

Facility owners can optimize the run of buildings by automating lighting, utilities and HVAC, to reduce consumption and save money. Smart home services became a must for facility owners to apply, as the competition on the market gets sharper for better, smart office features. Tenants make their decision based on sustainability and quick return on investments.

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