What does an IoT platform have for smart homes?

Smart home is a convenient home setup where connected devices are controlled remotely from any place with an Internet connection. Innovative home technologies allow owners to control such home functions as security access, temperature, televisions, refrigerator or lightning.

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Connected IoT devices can be managed through one central platform, such as with a smartphone, tablet or desktop application. Once owners feel the convenience of intelligent home appliances, they will never wish to live without them. Smart devices have the ability to self-learn home owner's daily habits and schedule to make adjustments automatically as needed.

Grape IoT connects intelligent sensors, such as wired security detectors, cameras, thermostats, smart plugs, lights, entertainment systems, locks, and other smart home appliances. Besides the platform, an application is also available for end-users to manage their connected devices from mobile phones, tablets, and computers.  

Grape IoT platform connects in-home devices with other cloud services via industry-leading APIs and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Any innovative home device can be connected to Grape IoT Platform; thus, devices can be added into device groups to create custom rules for all with one click.   

Custom alarms provide real-time insights of the connected devices. The system helps owners to send commands directly - defined by a set of rules of any complexity - to implemented smart home devices. With custom automation, Grape’s IoT platform significantly reduces operating expenditures, improves the quality of services, and enables a self-managed IoT ecosystem at home.   

Notifications help smart homeowners when a device is out-of-work, when intervention is needed, thus minimizing the damage occurring in the machine. A wide variety of warnings can be built into the platform, based on the need.  

Grape IoT platform for:  

  • Managing smart electrical solutions, such as plug, temperature controller, switches, garage door opener  
  • Managing smart meters, such as water meter, electric meter, thermal meter, and gas meter  
  • Managing lights in different rooms, or outdoor  
  • Managing smart sensors, such as door/window sensor, motion detector, strobe siren, smoke alarm, gas alarm or CO alarm  
  • Managing major appliances, such as split air conditioner, electric water heater, gas water heater, solar water heater, or disinfection controller  
  • Managing small appliances, such as heater, ceiling fan, air cooler, or air purifier  
  • Managing kitchen appliances, such as fridge, oven, gas stove, dishwasher, hood, or other small kitchen appliances  
  • Managing smart camera solutions indoor and outdoor  
  • Managing smart home lock solutions 


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