Professional Software Testing Services

Grape's professional software testing services help companies ensure the full functionality, reliability, security, and user-friendliness of their software. Our software engineers with many years of experience are experts in all types of software testing. Grape Solutions provides a complete software testing service to its customers.



What is a testing as a service and what is it good for?

Testing as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which testing is performed by a third party service provider. The service focuses on finding software product errors by simulating real-world environments and conditions..


Benefits of testing as a service (TaaS):

  •  Flexible test execution and test tools (device farm)
  •  Reduces the cost of testing by up to 40-60% compared to traditional testing
  •  Fast return on investment by eliminating hardware and software license investments
  •  Faster project delivery
  •  Ensures data integration
  •  Reduces operation costs
  •  Pay as you use 


Types of testing as a service (TaaS)

  •  Functional Testing: May include UI / GUI testing, regression, integration, automated, and Customer Acceptance Testing (UAT). However, it is not necessary to have all of these items.
  •  Performance Testing: Done by performing a so-called load test or stress test on multiple threads. The developed functionality is checked on multiple threads with multiple users. This type of test examines the stability of the system.
  • Security Testing: Focuses on the vulnerability of the software product.

When should you consider using TaaS?

  • If there is no expertise available for performing testing within the organization. 
  • If your company wants an unbiased testing process by eliminating its own developers.
  • If your company wants to reduce testing costs. The cost of human resources and testing tools is very high.
  • If your company wants to speed up the testing process and at the same time reduce development time.
  • If application testing requires extensive automation, with a short test run cycle.
  • If testing does not require in-depth system knowledge.
  • If software product testing periodically requires a lot of resources.


Software testing services available at Grape Solutions:

  • Functional tests
  • UI/GUI testing: When performing UI/GUI test, the interaction with the test object takes place through the graphical user interface.
  • Agile testing: The testing method of software developed with agile methodology. Agile testing methodology is continuous.
  • Regression testing: A software testing practice to detect regression errors. Regression error is when a previously running software function malfunctions or does not work at all. Regression errors typically occur as an unexpected consequence of corrections.
  • Smoke testing: A set of defined or planned tests designed to test the basic functionalities of a component or system to make sure that the most critical parts of the program work well. This test practice does not cover details during the test. Smoke tests are among the most commonly used industrial processes.
  • Performance testing: The test that evaluates the behavior of a component or system under different loads. Usually at the expected low, typical, or peak loads.
  • API testing: API testing validates the Application Programming Interface. During these tests the software to be tested is instructed directly through the application programming interface.
  • Automated testing: It involves the use of software (e.g. recording/playback devices) that can be used to control test execution, to compare expected results with current results, to define test prerequisites, and to have other test management and reporting functions. By this, we also mean the assembly of an automated test set.
  • Acceptance testing: A test that focuses on whether the system is acceptable.

If requested, Grape prepares a Test Report on the test results containing the test set and the test coverage of the given function.


Professional software testing tools used by Grape Solutions:

Test management tool Integration testing Automated testing
● TestRail ● Postman

● Frontend:

Nightwatch.JS + Selenium WebDriver


● Mobile applications

Java + Appium

● Load test:

◦ JMeter

● API testing:



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