Latest trends in custom software development

With the rapid development of cloud computing, the time has come when enterprise software development processes will face and effectively go through a massive transformation.

But what will the future bring us?


There are more and more vendors and development companies in the software development industry segments and, with that, simultaneously, more and more development tools are available online.


The developments are still heavily focused on the solutions that make it easier for the company to operate. At the same time, developers have noticed that eventually, the end-user will not be the company but the employee. And for this very reason, UX design (user experience) has to get significantly more attention and lots of energy investment.

Let's see the four main factors that will determine enterprise software development direction in the next few years:


Mobility has already been a trend and will be the future trend in enterprise software. The number of companies supporting the "bring your own device" (BYOD) movement has arisen, as organizations have accepted that employees also work on their personal devices and that their company devices are not just used in connection with work.

Software development companies, therefore, develop enterprise software solutions that can be used anywhere, anytime, regardless of device. The forecast shows even more exponential growth in the number of such kind of mobile development for the upcoming years.

Grape Solutions provides unique developments that support mobility by making them available to all mobile devices including tablets, mobile phones or any other smart devices.


Multi-device functionality

Grape_illustrations-14As a result of the BYOD movement, a new practice appeared in the consumer market: employees use different devices for performing different tasks. Enterprise software solutions support this new trend and provide solutions that enable the simultaneous use of devices. A typical example of such a scenarios is when a CRM software running on a desktop displays customer data and history while displaying social media posts on a mobile device at the same time.
Our mobile and web developments are available in a multi-platform environment.


Custom applications

Previously software development was considered extremely expensive and time-consuming and there were only a few efficient professionals available. However, today, thanks to the evolution of software development tools, more and more people understand different programming languages, so for many companies, developing custom applications is less challenging.

A survey conducted by Good Technology shows that 28% of mobile applications used by companies are custom applications - mainly in the smartphone market, but also significant in the case of tablets.
In some domains of company software, e.g. document management or CRM, third-party developers will continue to dominate the market, however more and more custom applications will emerge that can serve the special needs of large companies -who can afford it.

At Grape Solutions, we offer custom-developed software solutions tailored to the special needs of our clients. We provide professional solutions for complex custom business requirements on multiple platforms, from the development of administrative and e-commerce portals to mobile applications and specialized banking subsystems.


Grape_illustrations-37The era of standalone software is the past. The future includes enterprise software solutions capable of integration with multiple devices, all coming with the trend of smart cloud technology. Having all software of an organization installed in the cloud ensures a way of communication that was previously unimaginable and unavailable with the use of separate servers and terminals.

Software development companies came up the with so-called application programming interface (API), which allows to easily develop a plug-in for the software that helps the integration with existing systems. This allows employees to use all devices through a centralized platform.

Grape has more than a decade of experience in custom software solutions development for enterprise organizations and in the implementation of integration solutions tailored to special needs.

Application software solutions began to follow the latest IT trends years ago, while enterprise software started this path more slowly. Today, however, there is a widespread need to use modern technologies and software within companies as well, and more and more companies are realizing the benefits of smart cloud. The enterprise software market is undergoing tremendous change and rapid growth these days. The above four directions, although still in their infancy, are expected to play a significant role in the development of enterprise software.
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