Benefits of using electric mobility innovations

Every year thousands of cities and millions of European citizens celebrate mobility during the European Mobility Week to raise awareness for environmentally sustainable solutions. A wide range of e-mobility technologies were implemented in the last few years, anywhere you go, you probably meet with electric vehicles, electric transport vehicles, e-bikes, scooters, or motorcycles. Celebrating the European Mobility Week shows how important e-mobility is but why do governments and global enterprises support the rise of electric mobility?  


One of the main benefits of e-mobility is the positive footprint left on citizens’ quality of life. In the last few years, organizations put urban traffic in the spotlight as 74% of dust emission derives from traffic. According to the European Environmental Agency (EEA), this number is better in some European countries, but traffic is the leading dust emission producer, followed by industry and gas heating systems. Fine dust dispersed into the air causes serious lung problems, the number of pulmonary patients is significantly growing year by year.   

Battery run electric transportation’s biggest advantage is the 
zero-emission. We also need to mention, that the production of e-vehicles and the production of electricity in power stations are still polluting our environment but the rate of total emission is favorably lower comparing to diesel and petrol ran vehicles.   

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Electric vehicles by not operating on combustion engines and not emitting toxic gases into our environment, help our fight against greenhouse gases. E-mobility 
reduces social costs perceived on our health and our ecosystem as every electric transportation method can be charged by renewable energy. With this aspiration, we can expect a further 80% reduction in CO2 emission.   

Apart from environmental benefits, e-vehicles are 
more energy-efficient solutions than conventional ICEs. According to EEA, electric motors usually convert 55% of energy to vehicle movement while it is only 15% in the case of ICEs. The average amount of energy saved from electric vehicles is approximately 40%. As e-mobility solutions provide higher energy efficiency using electric vehicles end in lower running costs.  

Electric mobility is still a 
constantly evolving technology sector creating further opportunities for lorries and aircraft, but enhanced education for citizens is still needed to make mobility determining part of our lives.   

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