MVM Mobiliti

The e-mobility application developed for MVM Mobiliti got a major update

MVM Mobiliti and Grape Solutions have been working together since 2018 to develop the Mobiliti app, becoming the most downloaded electric car charging app in Hungary, with more than 215,000 charging stations in 39 countries. From June, the Mobiliti app is available to customers with brand new user...

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New mobility features in Hungary's leading electric vehicle charging app

EV charging app, developed by Grape Solutions for MVM Mobiliti, was launched in 2018; since then, electric car drivers can select from more than 190,000 charging stations in 37 countries. Mobiliti is the first Hungarian app to enable electric charging at foreign charging points; what's more, the...

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Mobility application developed by Grape Solutions for MVM Mobiliti got special awarded in “App of the year” category

MVM Mobiliti app powered by Grape Solutions is awarded a special prize in the “Application of the Year” category by the Hungarian Marketing Association. Grape Solutions has played a major role in developing the e-mobility app for electric vehicle drivers to make electric charging and their...

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