Machine learning added to Grape Solutions' IoT device management platform

Another milestone has been accomplished in the development of Grape Solutions' IoT platform, which is supported by the Hungarian Research, Development and Innovation Office. The first phase of the milestone aims to implement device management using machine learning; the development was successfully...

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Grape Solutions and Energoinvest announce long-term strategic partnership

Grape Solutions Plc., leading software development enterprise headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, announces a long-term strategic partnership with Energoinvest, d.d. - Sarajevo, multidisciplinary engineering and energy company headquartered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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New developments make Grape Solutions’ IoT platform the most cost-efficient one yet

IoT software developed by Grape Solutions is set to be the most comprehensive IoT platform for all business sectors as the Hungarian National Research, Development, and Innovation Office also supports Grape Solutions' IoT innovation developments from this year on.

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