Grape Solutions named "Lovable Workplace" fourth time in a row

For the fifth time, has announced the "Lovable Workplaces" award, and similarly to last year, Grape Solutions is included in the prestigious Hungarian list.


More than 2,100 companies from Hungary and Romania this year entered the "Lovable Workplaces" award, almost 500 more than in 2021. The non-profit initiative aims to ensure that, although we face new economic challenges every year, recruitment and retention remain a priority for small, medium and large companies during changing times.

One-fifth of the contestants came from the software development sector, making it an even greater recognition for us to be shortlisted for the fourth year in a row alongside employers such as Yettel, Unilever, IKEA Hungary, Wise and Szállá



We emphasise maintaining a balanced working environment where employees can go about their daily tasks in a friendly and supportive environment. We are particularly pleased to have received the award for the fourth time this year, which is an important feedback to us that we are doing our job well. In 2021, we launched a special employer branding campaign where our employees tell their own stories about their years with us and their development curve at Grape Solutions. The fact that we were able to relaunch the campaign this autumn is a good indication of the team's cohesion.

Attila Czuczor, HR Director of Grape Solutions