Life at Grape Solutions: an interview with our Technical Team Lead, Tamás Szádvári

Tamás is the technology team leader of our mobile app development team, who has led projects to success such as AgoraPay and AxFina apps. We asked him to tell us about his weekdays at Grape, what a TTL's day looks like.

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Why did you choose to work at Grape Solutions?

When I heard about Grape, I didn't know I wanted to join. I found the company personable, it radiated professionalism and was convincing. After my interview, I knew it was the right fit for me. The projects are varied, there's always a lot going on, and company life never stops. My colleagues have become friends, and you don't only go to work the next day, but the constant professional and human challenges motivate me to get better and better every day. It is the driving force that I needed, and that made me feel, from the very first moment, that I was making the right decision to continue my career at Grape.

How does your role look at Grape, and how would you describe it in one sentence?
My daily life is rarely the same. As the head of the mobile team, I have to coordinate people, technical implementation of projects and development work simultaneously. I'm responsible for ensuring my team members never get bored, have a good time at Grape and always have someone to deal with their problems or requests. At the same time, my job also involves providing professional advice and managing projects.

What skills do you think are needed for your position?
People-oriented, coordination skills, quality and solution-oriented, willingness to compromise, precision, a sense of beauty, communication skills, people skills, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Or at least a little of all of these. 😊

How can you motivate and develop yourself at Grape?
I am motivated, first and foremost, by the training and professionalism of my colleagues. I wish to get better and better every day so that I can actively participate in professional discussions. My greatest pleasure is when our projects are successful and my team members, clients are satisfied at the end of the day. It is my job to do my best to achieve this, which motivates me to learn new things and develop myself professionally and as a person.

What are the three things that made you proud during your time at Grape?
One of the things I'm most proud of is that I always find the best solution for the situation to meet the challenges and ensure that my colleagues work on the task that best suits them. I'm also proud to have been able to take advantage of the opportunities that Grape offers and to have mastered many areas of development beyond the world of mobile apps. I believe I can also be proud of successful projects and good relationships with colleagues and clients.

Why would you advise others to join us?
As a member of Grape, there is never a dull moment for anyone who is driven by a constant desire to improve and achieve. There's always a project or task that challenges us, and, if not, there's certainly an opportunity here to develop yourself further and become an even better professional. All of this is combined with excellent colleagues with whom you can have quality professional discussions, fun at a company event, or after-work relaxation. And did I mention the cool people?

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