Green digitalisation: how software can help in achieving ESG environmental ambitions

Companies are increasingly required to prepare ESG reports due to growing expectations from business partners, both domestically and internationally. We examined how a Hungarian software company Grape Solutions’ tool can help achieve ESG directives.


ESG, a directive endorsed by the EU, encourages businesses of all sizes to build an ecosystem that supports green energy transition, social responsibility, and transparent corporate governance. The EU's NFRD Directive mandates large, listed companies, banks, and entities with over 500 employees to report since 2018. From 2024, the CSRD directive will expand reporting to 50,000 European companies, emphasising transparency regarding environmental impact and financial evolution in green sustainability initiatives.


Source: Grape Solutions

"IT solutions are most prominent tools to adapt the environmental pillar of ESG. We are also seeing our customers looking specifically for software that supports sustainability and energy efficiency goals. These products not only help to ensure the correct use of resources, such as electricity, but also bring significant cost reductions in a company's operating expenses," said Sándor Kerekes, consultant for software energy solutions at Grape Solutions Plc.



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