Software solution helps improve energy efficiency in buildings

A significant number of buildings are considered energy wasteful resulting in environmental and economic problems for residents. 


Outdated buildings require much more electricity and heating fuel, which increases the use of fossil fuels, carbon emissions and energy use by residents. A Hungarian software development company, Grape Solutions is set to utilise building energy more efficiently.

Investments to improve the energy efficiency of buildings (office buildings, public institutions, shopping and logistics centres) often involve practices such as insulation with sustainable materials, installation of modern cooling and heating equipment, or long-life LED lighting, but the digital revolution is already enabling the elimination of energy waste through software solutions. These systems improve the energy efficiency not only of new buildings but also of buildings commissioned before the 2000s. Besides existing building management systems (BMS), property owners can optimise cooling, heating and lighting with smart sensors according to current needs. The use of such systems will result in significant energy and cost savings for the building owner in the long term.



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